About Targett Wellman

Targett Wellman Team

At Targett Wellman we understand the challenges you face as a small or medium entreprise (SME), family business owner or individual income earner.

We know that navigating your way through what is often confusing taxation and compliance legislation is not always straightforward.

We also appreciate that working ‘in’ your business often takes priority over working ‘on’ your business to implement the strategies that will allow you to prosper.

For these reasons, we offer a logical 3-step taxation and business advice framework where we listen, advise and implement solutions appropriate for your specific needs.


We are an established accounting practice with some 30 years’ experience, and while our history sustains us with knowledge, we are also a progressive practice. We anticipate change, adapt promptly and help you to achieve your goals.


We offer accounting and taxation services that create clarity from complexity; significantly reduce the time you spend managing your affairs; and save you money as we strive to minimise your tax commitment and optimise your profitability.


We work across a diverse range of industries and businesses – large and small, established and start-up, and traditional as well as bold new online ventures.


We systemise and streamline your day-to-day accounting requirements and offer specialist skill sets that address more complex issues. These include managing your self-managed super fund, attending to audits, preparing your business for sale or conversely assisting you with a business acquisition.

Why? Because we believe that small businesses and income earners are the backbone of financially healthy communities where families and individuals prosper and grow together.

To find out more, please contact us on 02 9986 1866